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Heating and Air Conditioning

New inverter Technologies and the way of the future

Optimum comfort with utmost efficiency

reliable service for AC and heat

Eliminate a break down in the most extreme weather conditions!  A/C and Heater Tune ups are important and can find problems before they occur

We perform diagnostic testing to determine if your air conditioner/and or heat pump is running efficiently.  It could be costing you more than it should. We can help you determine the best solution to replace your  A/C or repair it and get the job done quickly and efficiently.   

A/C Unit Installation/ or Heater Installation

we can offer options

Looking for a reliable Mechanical Contractor with the experience and a particular set of skills to replace A/C Unit or perform a heater Installation? At Tyler Korrey Mechanical we stand by the excellence of our work and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs. Whether you’re in need of some small fixes or are interested in a job requiring full installation of newer more efficient options, we can help you.

Fixing an Air Conditioner
Fujitsu mini split air conditioning and heat

Ductless mini split air conditioners

High Energy Efficiency. Eliminates loss of heat or cooling through the ducts. Many are designed with heat.   Reliable, Quiet operation.  Zoning options.  Great for homes without existing ductwork. May be an added solution in your home.  No more strugging with window air conditioners and higher energy costs.

ceiling fans, lighting, appliance wiring, new outlets, exterior lighting, run electric wir


In need of electrical work?  

You may want to replace breakers or a  panel, run proper wiring for appliances, ceiling fans, lighting or installing  new additional outlets? Have outside spotlights or other exterior lighting to be installed. There are so many reasons to call a professional to do the work properly.

Whether you are adding new breaker panels, or creating ambiance in the rooms you gather in the most or on the exterior of your home, we are here to help you bring your ideas to life.

licensed and insured

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               HEAT PUMPS

well pump repairs and replacements and well pump pressure tank


mini split or ductless air conditioner installation


lighting and electrical| wifi lighting


Electrical service
plumbing and hot water heater repairs and replacements
heater  replacements, maintenance and tune ups




pulling well pump, replace well pump and pressure tank

Well Pumps

There could be small signs telling you that your well pump may be failing and it could be time to call a professional. Perhaps you have low water pressure or pressure variations.  Maybe you are running out of water. Replacing the well pump may not always be the right solution.  We can diagnose the problem and repair or replace your well pump as well as control units and pressure tanks. 


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